Jim Carrey to give guest lecture on science; Neil deGrasse Tyson to write, direct and star in new comedy

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Jim Carrey, one of the foremost experts on chemistry and vaccines, will be giving a guest lecture at Harvard Medical School next month. He has apparently been fielding multiple offers from ivy league schools to both give a lecture and receive honorary PhD’s.

“I am fortunate enough to follow Mr. Carrey on Twitter” said Dr. Robert Myers, Dean of Medicine at Harvard. “When he started going on about vaccines and chemistry, I knew we had to have this star of the scientific community at Harvard.”

In another note, Neil deGrasse Tyson, perhaps the world’s foremost expert on space, has announced he has written a new comedy film. Tyson will also direct and star in the movie.

“The premise is basically a mustached guy goes on a long road trip with his non-mustached friend” explained Tyson. “They get into all kinds of arguments about which velocity they should be traveling at, how long it will take to get there (which is really funny because they have different opinions on whether time is a universal constant) and various other hilarious hijinks.”

Tyson has signed a deal with Universal to produce and market the film. It is expected to do well in both the science-literate population and the 18-55 female demographic because of Tyson’s undeniable sex appeal.

Keep your eye on the Harvard website as they will be using Periscope to live stream Carrey’s lecture, “Somebody Stop Me: Why I Think I Know More Than Scientists” and be sure to check your local theater for the new Tyson comedy “Road Trip Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier.”

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