Report: Pluto getting relentlessly mocked by other planets

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NASA has revealed the latest news from the Pluto flyby and the reports are not good: Pluto has apparently been getting mocked relentlessly by the other planets.

“Pluto has been the subject of ridicule and bullying for some time now,” said Dr. Venkat Kapoor of NASA. “Ever since it was downgraded from a planet, the other planets have been merciless, especially Mercury and Uranus. Yup, even Uranus.”

The Spudd reached out to Pluto for comment but unfortunately it will take centuries for the signal to reach the distance former planet. We will keep you posted if we receive a signal back.

In the meantime, NASA is planning an anti-bullying seminar to record and send out to the other planets from the International Space Station in hopes it will curtail the mocking being received by Pluto.

“The other planets are overall nice planets; perhaps with the exception of Mercury, as many anti-vaccers will attest to,” said Dr. Kapoor.


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