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VP Mike Pence: “The Space Force is 6000 years in the making”

WASHINGTON – Vice President Mike Pence announced today that the newly formed Space Force has.

SpaceX looking for anti-vaccine volunteers for one-way trip to Mercury

SpaceX, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, is looking to fill its latest rocket with anti-vaccine zealots.

Breaking: NASA hack reveals secret space chemtrail plan

In a breaking story, The Spudd has learned that NASA is planning to implement space.

Surgical robot becomes self-aware, demands corner office, huge salary and parking space

A cutting edge surgical robot at the MAYO clinic in Minnesota has apparently become self-aware..


Jordan Peterson refuses to call students by their preferred names TORONTO – Professor Jordan Peterson.

paul offit
Truth in Science Series: One on One with Dr. Paul Offit

Welcome to the first in our series of Truth in Science. This is where we.