Family being torn apart by mom's plan to delay vaccinations

AUSTIN, TX – A local family is being torn apart by the couples disagreement when it comes to the vaccination schedule of their daughter, Julie. Mrs. Simpson has been doing her research online and would like to space out her daughter’s vaccinations, while her father, James Simpson, would like to stick with the schedule they have.

“I booked her vaccinations for next Wednesday and got the OK from my boss to take the day off, I can’t change it now” explained Mr. Simpson. For her part, Mrs. Simpson is insistent that they delay the appointment until at least the following day, and maybe even Friday.

“Wednesday just doesn’t work for me, plus I read that spacing out your child’s vaccines is safer, so I want to try that.”

Neighbors have reported that the couple has been yelling for days on end about the vaccination schedule for Julie, and have gone over to the Simpson house a few times to make sure everything is alright.

When we last spoke with Mrs. Simpson, she was planning on asking an anti-vaccine Facebook group for advice.



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