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Traces of vaccines found on Mercury

The Mercury space rover, Trace Amounts 1,recently sent back images and analyzed dust and rocks.

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Anti-vaccer shocked to learn "mercury" was never in MMR vaccine, years of advocacy down the drain

Elizabeth Hornswaggle is an anti-vaccine advocate, single mom, and all natural detective. So you can imagine her surprise and horror when she confirmed that the MMR vaccine has never contained the mercury preservative thimerosal.

Skeptics Guide to the Universe conveniently glosses over Mercury when discussing the universe

LOS ANGELES, CA – Controversy is surrounding the members of The Skeptics Guide to the.

CDC investigates MMR vaccine, finds trace amounts of Mercury

ATLANTA, GA – The US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control released shocking new evidence.

Jim Carrey to play Mercury in new Marvel superhero movie

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jim Carrey has been confirmed to be the latest Hollywood funny.

Anti-vaxxer struggles to name "lots of vaccines" that contain mercury

TWITTER, INTERNET – Anti-vaccine zealot @vaccinesaretheworst was engaged in an epic Twitter battle with several.