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Science, Vaccines, Med School, Satire
CDC to roll out new HIBRVMMRVDTaPHepAHPV vaccine next fall

ATLANTA, GA – The CDC has made a big announcement today, confirming the rumors of a new, super vaccine.

Science, Vaccines, Med School, Satire
Local anti-vaccer prepared to believe whatever anti-vaccine documentary tells him

FURLONG, NY – Local anti-vaccer Justin Woodlake just downloaded an anti-vaccine documentary produced by Andrew.

Merck to buy water from Flint, Michigan to use in vaccines

  FLINT, MI – As controversy surrounds the situation with the water supply in Flint,.

Possible ninth planet, Planet X, really rubbing it in Pluto’s face

CAL TECH – Astronomers and physicists at Cal Tech University have theorized the existence of.

Anti-vaccine celebrity makes YouTube video about Natural News, heads explode

LOS ANGELES, CA – In what is being heralded as the “Perfect Storm” in the.

Area man confirms climate change is a hoax by watching snowstorm

BUFFALO, NY – Local climate change skeptic and anti-vaccer Donald Horowitz, 32, confirmed that climate.