Natural health products must now prove they work, naturopaths crying foul

Natural health products must now prove they work, naturopaths crying foul

NEW YORK, NY – In a bold move this weekend, the FDA announced that natural health products must prove they work before they can be sold at stores and clinics.

In the past, alternative health supplements have fallen into a sort of grey area where manufacturers are only required to prove they won’t kill anyone; not that they actually work.  As per the FDA:

“Dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors are not required to obtain approval from FDA before marketing dietary supplements.”

natural health productsNaturally, naturopaths, homeopaths and chiropractors are outraged.

“This is ridiculous. The FDA has been bought out by Big Pharma,” said Paul Therro, fake doctor. “It’s bad enough they make us prove that our products won’t hurt people, but now they are going to make us prove they work too??”

Pharmaceutical drugs must pass rigorous testing and clinical trials before being approved for use, often costing hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development.

Prominent alternative medicine salesmen Joseph Mercola, Josh Axe and David Wolfe reportedly looked between their couch cushions and found upwards of $5 million which they will be using for an aggressive promotional and social media campaign against the new law.


  • David Priver

    Can you imagine how unfair it is to require these absurd “natural health supplements” to actually demonstrate that they are safe and have any value? This is long overdue. The public has been hoodwinked by this industry for long enough. Glad to see the FDA doing what it should have done many years ago. NO MORE SNAKE OIL.

  • Sean Whitten

    About time! This is long overdue. Every time I argue these items should be banned as they don’t work, people respond by saying there is evidence they do work. Now’s your chance to prove the argument I’ve been hearing for the past 20+ years. Provide this so-called evidence you claim exists or admit that you’ve been lying about there being evidence.

  • Andrew Carter

    Shame it didn’t happen 40 years ago. These products have been guilty of false advertising for years.

  • Surely with all the bold and striking claims made for them, it will be trivially easy to prove safety and efficacy. After all, some of these products actually cure cancer! As soon as the evidence is on on that one, they will absolutely clean up.

    Oh, wait, they are cleaning up already, but without all that tiresome evidence shit.

  • Chaim Bochner

    I can’t seem to find this news anywhere other than this biased sciencepost site. You’re anti self help and pro big pharma

  • jimpim

    Hope this includes the vitamin racquet industry. The big problem is that their consumers are believers