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Alternative Homeopathy is the newest craze among physicians

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NEW YORK, NY – The medical world is abuzz with its latest trend: Alternative Homeopathy. “Basically Alternative Homeopathy is the opposite of traditional homeopathy in that it contains active ingredients,” explained Dr. Andrew Garland. “We found that by having actual ingredients in medicines really made…

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Area man forced to bring child to doctor after anti-vaccine Facebook group can’t give him diagnosis

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FAIRMONT, MA – Mark Webber, father of 4 year old Mackenzie Webber, was forced to take drastic action this past week and bring his daughter to see a Big Pharma controlled doctor.   “She had been coughing with a pretty high fever and a really…

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Man finds cure to illness on completely legitimate website

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internet cure

Convinced that he’d finally found the cure for his long-term illness, local resident Lee Williams thanked the website “Totally Real Medicine” for his new chance at life. “It was absolutely amazing,” said Williams, who, despite suffering from his sickness for the last several years, has…

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6 top selling homeopathic treatments and what they can do for you

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Are you thinking about wasting some money? Feeling sick and don’t really wanna get better? Here is a list of some of the best selling homeopathic remedies on the market today and what they can do for you: Arnica (mountain daisy): Doesn’t do fuck all.…

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Naturopaths and chiropractors “just as good as real doctors”, study finds

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  A new study conducted by naturopaths and chiropractors has concluded that they are “just as good as real doctors” when it comes to practicing medicine. “We surveyed over 500 naturopaths and chiropractors and 100% of respondents felt they were just as well trained as…

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“We’ve been using alternative facts for years” say anti-vaccers, homeopaths

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HPV Vaccine

WASHINGTON, DC – Anti-vaccers are upset that the Trump administration is getting all kinds of press and attention for using what they call “alternative facts” when in fact they have been using them for years. “We were one of the first groups to use alternative…

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