Merck CEO takes one for the team and reduces own salary to only $20 million

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NEW YORK, NY – Merck Pharmaceuticals president and CEO James Carrey announced today that – because of all the pain and suffering his company has inflicted over the past year – he will be taking a voluntary pay cut.

“I have stepped up to the plate and made a huge personal sacrifice,” explained Carrey. “I will only be making $20 million this year. My wife may have to get a second job to support our family and we are looking into selling one of our summer homes.”

Carrey is a shining example of good in a world so often conflated with greed.


Global-Freedom-Summit-Mike-Adams-Black-Shirt-150x150 “It’s nice to see a CEO that gets it” – Mike Adams.
imageedit_1_7377116121 “Is there a Kickstarter campaign I can donate to?” – Megan Heimer.
Kate-Tietje-150x150 “I hope he can still keep food on the table” – Kate Tietje.



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