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Naturopaths and chiropractors “just as good as real doctors”, study finds

  A new study conducted by naturopaths and chiropractors has concluded that they are “just.

A Science Post reporter shrinks down, goes inside the brain of an anti-vaccer

Using advanced shrinking technology, one brave reporter from The Science Post shrunk down and ventured into.

Trump vows to change vaccine schedule, science if elected president

CLEVELAND, OH – Fresh off the latest presidential debate, Donald Trump announced if he is.

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“Googling”, “YouTube Research” to be added to med school curriculum by 2018

Medical schools across the USA are trying to get with the times and update a.

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Anti-vaccers demand more studies on vaccines, angry when CDC does more studies on vaccines

ATLANTA, GA – The CDC announced today that they would be doing more testing on.

Playing World of Warcraft may protect against sexually transmitted diseases, study finds

DENVER, CO – A new study from the University of Denver has shown a strong.