Naturopaths and chiropractors “just as good as real doctors”, study finds

Naturopaths and chiropractors “just as good as real doctors”, study finds


A new study conducted by naturopaths and chiropractors has concluded that they are “just as good as real doctors” when it comes to practicing medicine.

“We surveyed over 500 naturopaths and chiropractors and 100% of respondents felt they were just as well trained as real doctors,” said Willy DeMoss, co-author of the study. “Most even felt they were more qualified and trained than medical doctors, since they are not legally allowed to prescribe medications and therefor something something Big Pharma.”

Historically, MDs (medical doctors) have held a monopoly on the healthcare system simply because they are the best trained and qualified. That is something DeMoss and his co-author Josh Axel are hoping to change.

Just because I’m not as knowledgeable, reputable, well-trained and educated as a medical doctor doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be treated with the same respect,” said DeMoss. “I mean, I even go against a lot of what science has already confirmed. Things like vaccines causing autism and the dangers of chemtrails. That has to count for something right?”

Well both DeMoss and Axel are hopeful their study will once and for all prove that they are “just as good” as medical doctors, several science-literate people disagree.

“So they basically did of survey of themselves,” said Big Pharma Shill Dave Orac. “And then concluded, based on that survey, that they are great….not really a shocking discovery.”

DeMoss and Axel, while hopeful, are also prepared for medical doctors (all of whom have been brainwashed and are are puppets for the NWO and Illuminati) to refute and ignore their claims:

“So many times we see medical doctors, scientists and other science-literate individuals dismiss our studies out of hand. It’s really not fair,” explains Josh Axel. “Just because our studies aren’t blinded, have small sample sizes, involve patients who already believe in our cures, etc. is no reason to not believe us. Like…c’mon…ok? We really are like doctors guys.”

The study is set to published on several chiropractic, naturopathic and anti-vaccine blogs over the next several years.


  • Richard Merriman

    If kids weren’t involved this would be funny! I grew up poor, rural, and more than 70 years ago. I think I had every childhood disease possible, both kinds of measles, mumps, whooping cough, etc. and even a mild case of polio, which wasn’t diagnosed because we couldn’t afford to go to doctors, but since they couldn’t have done much anyway, I was left with just one slightly small foot and leg so things could have been worse. I ended up going to one of the nation’s best medical schools, and did the rest of my training at some very good hospitals and ended up as a subspecilist in a tertiary care hospital seeing very rare diseases. Thus I think know what I’m talking about.

    If you don’t get your kids vaccinated, given the fact that “herd immunity” is so important, you should be prosecuted for child abuse! The problem is “yuppies” who feel they can learn everything by watching Opra and listening to Jenny McCarthy who was famous for her boobs after a “boob job” and lots of other plastic surgery, deserve what they get, their poor kids don’t.

    I’m a libertarian who feels that if it doesn’t harm me or cost me anything I don’t really care what you do. I think allowing people who ride motorcycles should have the freedom to go without helmets IF they can show that they have $1,000,000 worth of insurance to cover any accidents AND they’ve signed and organ donor card. Maybe this should even be encouraged! Then they should get a special license plate allowing them to ride this way, BUT not until after they’ve done this.

    You’re freedom to swing your arm ends at my nose and while state lotteries help, you still can’t tax stupid1

    • Info_Warrior

      So who gets prosecuted when you get your kids vaccinated and they’re one of the small minority that has an adverse reaction? Is the parent, the one administering the vaccination, or the one who developed it guilty of child abuse? Or are you only guilty of child abuse if you don’t do what your Medical Deity tells you and, by his determination, put your child at risk of contracting a disease that a healthy immune system could prevent or fight off?
      And I think you misspelled “authoritarian” in your 3rd paragraph there.

      • Joe W

        There is a mind-numbingly easy answer. You’re scenario, you’re following the highest quality medical advice and a rare adverse reaction occurs. Safe to assume no one is at fault. In his scenario you’re ignoring the best medical advice and endangering not only your child (which is wildly irresponsible, but your kid your victim, I guess) but also endangering others (who should not be subject to the consequences of your willfully ignorant denial of solid, lifesaving science in favor of celebrity worship and conspiracy theorist fear mongering).

  • Jazzenjohn

    Actually, they are Better than regular doctors because they aren’t Bought and Paid for by Big Pharma! You never hear about Big Homeopathy shamelessly Bribing Homeopathic Practitioners!

    • Matt Taylor

      Yep, next time you get injured, be sure to call David Wolffe, not 911.

      • Jazzenjohn

        Well, in all seriousness, if there were such a thing as “Big Homeopathy” , David Wolfe would be it!

  • Matt Taylor

    New study of snake oil salesmen concludes that their product is 110% effective!