“Googling”, “YouTube Research” to be added to med school curriculum by 2018

med school

Medical schools across the USA are trying to get with the times and update a rather antiquated curriculum for their medical students.

“We realize now that stuff like anatomy and physiology are kind of passe,” said Dean of Medicine from Harvard Dr. Richard Penner. “Nowadays people learn just as much if not more than doctors do in just a few hours on the internet.”

With that in mind, the US Medical School Advisory Council will be adding two new classes for first and second year med students: Googling and YouTube Research.

“Based on several anti-vaccine, naturopath and chiropractic websites and comments, it is clear that one can learn more from Google and YouTube than you can from some stuffy doctor giving a lecture on actual medicine.”

Many are applauding the move as they have seen the tremendous effects Googling and YoutTubing can have on one’s knowledge of complicated subjects like medicine and health.

“I guarantee you I know more about vaccines and immunology than any doctor who went through the Big Pharma controlled medical school system. FACT” said Eva Valkov, anti-vaccine expert. “My hours, nay years of Googling and watching videos has given me the knowledge and authority to speak about medicine and vaccines far more than any brainwashed 12-year-trained doctor.”

The new classes will be unveiled in the fall of 2018 and students are able to complete trhe courses via distance.

“We are encouraging our first and second year students to take these courses from the comfort of their own homes, preferably in their parents basements to get the best results,” said Dr. Penner. “Failing that, a good comfortable chair at Starbucks with a laptop and a pumpkin spiced latte would suffice.”


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