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Pretentious, gluten-free, anti-GMO daughter devours gluten-filled, GMO supper and doesn’t notice

FRESNO, CA – Becky Haskell was back from college for the Thanksgiving holiday and was.

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American Society of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (A SCAM) ranks top 10 achievements in medical history

The American Society of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (A SCAM) came out with their list.

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Dr. Oz’s urine worth an estimated $50 per fluid ounce

NEW YORK, NY – Everyone’s favorite doctor, Dr. Oz, may have another feather to put.

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Company can’t believe people are actually buying their “organic, gluten-free, non-GMO” bottled water

SAN JOSE, CA – A small American bottled water company, Freedom Springs, is having trouble keeping up with.

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California mom crushed to learn Glyphosate unlikely to cause cancer

LOS ANGELES, CA – A California mom is furious this week after experts from the World.

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More and more gluten switching to human-free diet, report shows

LOS ANGELES, CA – A new report suggests that more and more glutens are switching.