Dr. Oz’s urine worth an estimated $50 per fluid ounce

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NEW YORK, NY – Everyone’s favorite doctor, Dr. Oz, may have another feather to put in his cap as researchers have estimated his urine may be worth as much as $50 per fluid ounce.

“We know Dr. Oz takes at least 30 vitamin and mineral supplements a day, based on what he tells he audience to do,” said lead researcher Dr. Dorothy Yellowbrick. “We also know that Dr. Oz sells some of the most expensive supplements in the world, which only adds value to his urine.”

Most vitamins, minerals and supplements sold by Dr. Oz and others do little to nothing to help with your health, but they do create very, very expensive urine.

“It’s comforting to know that all the money I spend on everything Dr. Oz tells me to get is not going to waste,” said Stephanie Myles. “I love knowing that my pee is worth so much.”

There have even been reports of people emailing the Dr. Oz show and asking to purchase his urine.


“$50 an ounce? That’s it? I tested my urine at my lab and it was easily worth $125/ounce.”

– Mike Adams

“Is this why the yellow brick road is yellow?”
-Kate Tietje

“What about his poop?”
-Jim Carrey




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