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People with Celiac Disease hold huge thank you parade for “gluten-intolerant” hipsters

NEW YORK, NY – People with Celiac Disease (a genetic autoimmune disorder of the small.

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Woman diagnosed with allergy to gluten-free food

SAN JOSE, CA – Local woman Chelsea Darling, 29, has just been told by doctors that she is allergic to gluten-free food.

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Scientists confirm gluten-free people better than the rest of us

In a shocking announcement today, scientists released the results of a two year study examining.

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Gluten-free woman struggling to find some way she is being oppressed at new job

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Mary Seguin was excited to get a job at a hot.

Science, Vaccines, Med School, Satire
Merck announces all vaccines now gluten-free

NEW YORK, NY – Merck Pharmaceuticals made a major announcement today when they revealed their.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Local man goes gluten-free for 20 minutes, cracks when friends order pizza

HARRISBURG, PA – Martin Shellik was prepared to start a life free of gluten and.