Anti-vaccers more likely to have allergies, study finds

WASHINGTON, DC – In a new study coming out the University of Washington, researchers discovered.

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Breaking: Childhood vaccines soon to contain 65% mercury

NEW YORK, NY – Big Pharma is ready to roll out it’s latest vaccine, a.

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Study: Healthy people most likely to be anti-vaccine, well-fed people most likely to be anti-GMO

In a study coming out from The Annals of Psychology, researchers are reporting that healthy.

Area man goes most of his adult life believing everything he reads on the internet

NEW YORK, NY – Local man Jeremy Jones, 33, spent the better part of 7.

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“Cervical cancer is a harmless disease” say anti-HPV vaccine advocates

LOS ANGELES, CA – With the recent news that cervical cancer rates are down nearly.

Big Pharma applauds EpiPen price hike, looks to expand same tactic to vaccines

NEW YORK, NY – The recent price hike in EpiPens, up nearly 400% in price.