Study: Healthy people most likely to be anti-vaccine, well-fed people most likely to be anti-GMO

gmo woman

In a study coming out from The Annals of Psychology, researchers are reporting that healthy people are the most likely group to be anti-vaccine, where as well fed people are the most likely to be anti-GMO.

“The study comes from a hypothesis of one of the researchers, so we put together a proposal and brought it forth to Big Pharma and Big Agriculture. We ended up getting funding from both groups” said principal investigator Dr. Kevin Gorsta. “Our findings, while not surprising to many of us, are certainly significant.”

The study looked at over 60,000 people worldwide who self-identified as either against vaccines, or opposed to GMOs. Over 99% of the study subjects where either well-fed or considered “healthy”.

“If you spend any time researching and reading about vaccines and GMOs, you will always run into the anti-science crowd” explained Dr. Gorsta. “It is interesting to see that those people are both healthy and well-fed individuals.”


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