Anti-vaccers more likely to have allergies, study finds


WASHINGTON, DC – In a new study coming out the University of Washington, researchers discovered that people who are against vaccines are more likely to have multiple allergies than their science-literate counterparts.

“We looked at 300 people who self-identified as anti-vaccine and compared their allergy status against a control group of people who understand science. We found that the anti-vaccine group had an average of 7.3 times more allergies than the control group,” explained lead researcher Dr. Kerry Graham.

The most common allergies in the AV group were being allergic to facts, science and rationality.

“Over 90% of the AV group had an allergy to science which was very surprising,” said Dr. Graham. “They also showed very high levels of allergic reaction to facts and being rational.”

The study was published in this months’ Journal of the American Medical Association¬†and is already creating quite a buzz.

“Of¬†course the scientists came to this conclusion, they were clearly bought out by Big Allergy,” said anti-vaccine cult leader Barbara Fisher. “The only thing I am allergic to is bullshit….and peanuts…because of a vaccine I had as a child.”

The researchers concluded that once one goes down the proverbial rabbit hole of the anti-vaccine world, they become more and more allergic to facts, especially science.

“The only known cure, unfortunately, is when an anti-vaccer has a child who gets very ill from a vaccine-preventable disease. Then they may, MAY, change their minds on vaccines.”


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