“Cervical cancer is a harmless disease” say anti-HPV vaccine advocates

HPV Vaccine

LOS ANGELES, CA – With the recent news that cervical cancer rates are down nearly 50% since the HPV vaccine became widely used, anti-vaccine advocates have had to get rather creative.

“First of all, this doesn’t prove the HPV vaccine has prevented any cancers,” said Erin Mercola, anti-vaccer. “We’ll never know if those girls would have got cervical cancer if they hadn’t had the vaccine. There is no way to know.”

“Pretty much everyone in my class at school had cervical cancer, it was no big deal.” -Sherri Tenpenny, unpublished anti-vaccine osteopath.

Technically she is right as there is no real way to prove that a preventative measure has worked per se, so scientists look at the data from a large scale and use historic rates and their measuring stick.

“We have seen a distinct drop in the cervical cancer rates since the advent of the HPV vaccine, there is no refuting the data” said Big Pharma shill Dr. Randy Graves. “The more the vaccine is used, the larger the drop in the cervical cancer rate.”

Anti-vaccine cult members like Erin Mercola, Sherri Tenpenny, etc. have also come out saying that they all had cervical cancer as teenagers and young women and it was no big deal.

“Pretty much everyone in my class at school had cervical cancer, it was no big deal,” explained Sherri Tenpenny, unpublished anti-vaccine osteopath. “It was a right of passage like measles or mumps. Kids back then were a lot tougher than today and we didn’t mind getting these harmless childhood diseases like cancer.”

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