Son tells parents “Naturopathic medicine is my true calling” after being rejected from medical school for third time

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Local man Jeremy Olivera is excited to be starting a new chapter in his life: his road to becoming a naturopathic doctor. Jeremy announced to his parents that naturopathic medicine was his true passion and his true calling in life.

“Naturopathic school was always my end goal,” explained Jeremy. “I just kept applying to med school as a joke more than anything,” he explained between nervous laughter.

Olivera failed to get accepted to 9 different medical school programs over the last three years and then decided to apply to naturopathic school instead.

“Naturopathic school is more my thing anyways. No MCAT exam, way lower GPA requirements, super easy courses, no residency after four years, it’s right up my alley. Wait, you still get to call yourself a doctor right?”

His parents reportedly question his motives, indicating they believe their son wants to be called “doctor” more than actually learn science and medicine.

“We will be proud of him either way, but I don’t think we’ll be advertising his choice at dinner parties if you know what I mean,” said Mrs. Olivera.


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