Scientists discover new science-illiteracy gene after studying anti-vaccers

anti-vaccine gene

BERKELEY, CA – Scientists from The University of California Berkeley have completed a study of more than 2200 anti-vaccine cult members and discovered a new gene they are calling the ‘science-illiteracy gene’.

The gene, PGFK-8, was found in all of the anti-vaccine members in the study and in none of the ‘normal people’ controls.

“It was very fascinating yet somehow not surprising,” said lead investigator Dr. Neil Malthorian. “We hypothesized that there must be something unique about anti-vaccers to be so steadfastly against all scientific reason and logic, and it looks like we found it.”

The most interesting part of the finding, however, is that the gene can be “switched off” in the rare event that the anti-vaccer is exposed to enough evidence.

“It has only happened a few times in recorded history, but yes the gene can be reversed so to speak,” explained Dr. Malthorian.

The study was funded by Big Pharma (of course) and for some reason Monsanto, so anti-vaccers are calling the findings ridiculous.

“Yet another study funded by the industry to find what they want,” said Sherri Tenpenny, unpublished osteopath. “Show us any study that proves vaccines to be safe or efficacious and we will find a way to say it doesn’t count, just give us some time.”

The study is set to be published in next month’s issue of The Big Pharma Controlled Journal of Medicine.

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