Local woman sets record by not mentioning she is anti-vaccine for 42 straight hours

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SAN JOSE, CA – Local science illiterate anti-vaccer Cheryl Verdon has set a new world record by not mentioning she is anti-vaccine for the better part of two days.

“This is an amazing feat to be honest,” said skeptic Steve Novella. “People often ask me ‘how can you tell if someone is anti-vaccine?’ The answer is simple: don’t worry, they will tell you.”

Verdon has been on the anti-vaccine train ever since she read a story on Natural News about how Big Pharma was apparently founded by the Nazis….or something like that.

“Vaccines are perhaps the most evil thing ever created on Earth,” said Verdon. “So to go almost two whole days without talking about DA TROOF was very, very difficult.”

Verdon plans to make up for the lost time by spamming as many comment sections as she can with links to anti-vaccine websites, calling people shills and/or telling people do do their research.

The Science Post has learned though leaked documents from Big Pharma, that pro-vaccine shills on their payroll are actively and aggressively challenging other anti-vaccers to try and top Verdon’s record.


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