Internet commenters often smarter than doctors and scientists, study finds

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BOSTON, MA – A new study out of Harvard University confirmed what many anti-vaccine and anti-GMO advocates already knew: they are smarter than doctors and scientists.

“We looked at over 23,000 comments made by people on anti-vaccine and anti-GMO articles,” said lead researcher Dr. William Hunting. “We found, almost unanimously, that commenters often disagreed with the general scientific or medical consensus. Our only conclusion can be that they are in fact smarter than the authors.”

Several of the doctors and scientists who authored the articles which were studied heavily disagreed with the reports findings.

“I really hope this is a joke. I mean sure, we only print what Big Pharma or Monsanto tells us to, but it’s still usually accurate,” said Dr. Kavin Foltta. “Well…maybe some of them are smarter than us, but only the ones that have ‘done their research’.”

It is a well known fact that conspiracy theorists do more research than any doctor or scientist claims to have done.

“I have done over 10,000 hours of Googling on a ton of vaccine and science topics,” said anti-vaccine advocate Tristan Wells. “I can’t tell you how many YouTube videos I’ve watched which completely blow open the whole “germ theory” and vaccines in general. Go ask a doctor how many YouTube videos they’ve watched,” laughed Wells.

The new study will be released next week and Harvard is expecting anti-vaccers to somehow still disagree with it.


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