Internet commenters often smarter than doctors and scientists, study finds

Internet commenters often smarter than doctors and scientists, study finds

BOSTON, MA – A new study out of Harvard University confirmed what many anti-vaccine and anti-GMO advocates already knew: they are smarter than doctors and scientists.

“We looked at over 23,000 comments made by people on anti-vaccine and anti-GMO articles,” said lead researcher Dr. William Hunting. “We found, almost unanimously, that commenters often disagreed with the general scientific or medical consensus. Our only conclusion can be that they are in fact smarter than the authors.”

Several of the doctors and scientists who authored the articles which were studied heavily disagreed with the reports findings.

“I really hope this is a joke. I mean sure, we only print what Big Pharma or Monsanto tells us to, but it’s still usually accurate,” said Dr. Kavin Foltta. “Well…maybe some of them are smarter than us, but only the ones that have ‘done their research’.”

It is a well known fact that conspiracy theorists do more research than any doctor or scientist claims to have done.

“I have done over 10,000 hours of Googling on a ton of vaccine and science topics,” said anti-vaccine advocate Tristan Wells. “I can’t tell you how many YouTube videos I’ve watched which completely blow open the whole “germ theory” and vaccines in general. Go ask a doctor how many YouTube videos they’ve watched,” laughed Wells.

The new study will be released next week and Harvard is expecting anti-vaccers to somehow still disagree with it.


  • If Tristan Wells *does* find any doctors who are smarter than him (I know, highly unlikely, right?), he can have them executed. Either way, everything’s comin’ up Tristain

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  • iree132

    This is a bad article.
    it is dismissing, making fun of peoples concern on vaccines and GMO

    • mcr

      You know this is a satire site, right?

    • Booger

      Of course it is. Those people are self-deluded morons.

  • ettk45

    Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? On a scale of 1 to 10, your creativity and originality don’t even register.

    • Chris

      Yet you still feel you must read this site and post a comment.

      Are you a fan of Tristan Wells? Aw, you poor thing!

      • Jason

        Check the post history, all ett does is make anti vax and conspiracy nut posts. Probably a paid troll to boot.

    • Parapraxis

      If it doesn’t register then it’s not “on a scale” genius.

  • Jason


  • Robert Miller

    I agree they are the doctors and scientist are indoctrinated, they repeat what they are told – we need less college educated idiots and more free thinkers.

    Proof of this why has almost every major corporation started by a collage drop out – they are smarter – it is a fact and proven

    • TruthFighter

      • Robert Miller

        well then maybe just maybe you are not really smart

      • Robert Miller

        I post a fact you post a derogatory comment that is the true sign of an idiot

        • TruthFighter

          Yes we need more college dropouts practicing medicine…

        • BigBoss

          One caveat to your statement is that all the college drop outs you speak of didn’t drop out because they couldn’t make it. They didn’t have the time to study and work on their projects. So they chose to focus more energy on their projects by dropping out.

          • Robert Miller
          • BigBoss

            You know this article is satire right?

          • Rosalind Dalefield

            Shhh, don’t tell him. It’s funnier this way.

          • Kimberly Collins

            Please remember whenever you need an operation to ask for a surgeon who dropped *OUT* of medical school. Thanks. We’ll have your Darwin Award waiting for you.

          • shay simmons

            “We’ll have your Darwin Award waiting for you for your heirs.” FTFY.

          • Robert Miller


            Most College Grads Fail Simple Tests, Study Finds : Learning: More than 50% can’t read a bus schedule. Experts call for re-examination of higher education.


          • Chris

            A newspaper article from 1993! Kids who were born after that was written have graduated from four year colleges.

            Also, looking at the most recent data, the guy who wrote that article had an agenda:

          • Alejandro Guerra

            Dude, can you learn to spell before you comment on intelligence please?

          • Robert Miller

            No it is most realized how stupid the students and staff where looked at the never ending party and the true cost and said screw this it is truly a waist. Read the link, there is a reason American is the stupidest industrial nation ….

        • Olivia Grace Owens

          Don’t insult idiots please.

      • Rosalind Dalefield

        I think if you look at his further replies, they clear that question up for you.

    • Michael Hoos

      Actually, they dropped out because they were so advanced that they had an idea for a company before graduation, so they pursued it. What you are suggesting is that the mere act of not being educated can make one a CEO – and that most companies start this way. Well they sure don’t teach critical thinking on the streets kids! Stay in school!

      • Robert Miller

        No I am saying some of the most unfit for life and stupidest people on this earth have degrees

    • me you

      We need more people who read satire articles thinking they’re true. Also, we should just hire babies to do everything- they’re the least indoctrinated. Nobody has gotten to their pristine minds, or even their gross motor skills yet.

      • Robert Miller

        The way we are headed we will return to a pure animal state first.

    • Rosalind Dalefield

      ‘Collage drop out’? Someone who quit sticking things on a surface to make a picture?

      • Robert Miller

        You are showing your inductrination , why not debate my points, not belittle the other person because you cannot challage or defend your views

        • Rosalind Dalefield

          I would debate your illogical thinking, but Michael Hoos has already explained it perfectly, so I refer you to his reply.

          • Robert Miller

            You are the one who is illogical, and this shows it you have your beliefs tied to other peoples, but you never had an original thought in your head.

          • Rosalind Dalefield

            Wow, sweeping ad hom much? Just because in one instance I say that someone else has already explained where your thinking is flawed, so I refer you to his comment rather than writing it all again?

      • Chris

        I also liked his comment that included: “the true cost and said screw this it is truly a waist.”

        Or was it a hip? Sometimes it is so hard to measure what is the actual waist and hip to get well fitting slacks.

    • Jonathan Graham

      Unlikely. There are just far too many corporations and far too many college graduates for that to be true. Even if it was true, does that say anything at all about being smart? Does running a major corporation necessitate intelligence? There’s probably a threshold that’s above average but it’s unlikely that they represent even the top 10%. In this case there are just far too few major corporations.

    • Nicholai Bush

      Go to the top of the page.
      Read the subtitle under Science Post.
      If you do not know what it means, look up the definition of Satire.

  • Seems legit.

  • BigBoss

    The really scary thing is that by 2050 we might have run out of antibiotics that work because of antibiotic resistant bacteria and then all the morons that don’t vaccinate will end up killing off the human race. People don’t realize that historically human beings had life expectancies of about 30 years before medicine and antibiotics. If it wasn’t for penicillin the modern world wouldn’t exist.

    • jsvb1

      Yet there are conspiracy theories galore about resistance in weeds yet everyone forgets about antibiotic resistance.
      resistance is almost always inevitable.

      • Alex Randomkat

        And that, little children, is the marvel of evolution in progress!

        • With modern (Rockefeller-pharmaceutical) medicine we have evolved into a society in which our children are sicker that their parents.

          • Chris

            Really? Unlike my grandmother’s family, none of my children have lost siblings to diseases like diphtheria. Please provide a citation that children of the 21st century are sicker than those who lived in 1900.

          • Cate Douglas

            Go to any small town in the USA and look at the parking lots of all of the doctors and dentists – crowded and overflowing. You don’t need a double blind study to see this or just try and get an appointment with a physician or specialist in your area – months off. All you have to do is open your eyes and see all of the sick people who are struggling today. Wake up!

          • Chris

            I am sorry, but that is not a citation. Now I want to see PubMed indexed studies by reputable qualified researchers to support your claims.

            I have no reason to believe your assertions. Last month I tripped on my deck and hurt my hand. The next day I called the doctor’s office and got an appointment later that day (fortunately nothing was broken).

          • Cate Douglas

            You are a fool of the worse kind. Open your damn eyes or better yet why don’t you volunteer for a double blind study on the effects of arsenic or cyanide. Do you want to volunteer? I bet you already know what would happen if you got the arsenic or cyanide – no one needs a double blind study or citation – except idiots like you. The same thing is happening with medicine and pharmaceuticals today, but we have fools who believe that the FDA, AMA and other alphabet government agencies are legit. Follow the money.

          • Chris

            Open my eyes by providing the PubMed indexed studies that show children are more sick than they were a century ago.

    • Alejandro Guerra

      The diseases aren’t the only ones that develop resistance.

    • Your argument is lamb. Look at what you are saying. The use of antibiotics and the war on germs anti-bacterial everything is the problem.

      The immune system needs to be supported. When the body is healthy balance is seen. There are alternative ways to releave the body of infections. .

      • Chris

        “There are alternative ways to releave the body of infections.”

        Citation needed on the effectiveness of those alternative ways to deal with strep, staph, diphtheria, haemophilus influenzae and other bacterial infections. Just give us the PubMed ID numbers.

  • Joseph Delmonte Hubbard

    If they aren’t blindly and unknowingly killing us…then why is the healthcare industry driving our United States Economic GDP? Why is healthcare getting more spendy? I mean, if we are so overpopulated and population is skyrocketing as they say translating to more people going to the hospital for this and that….than why isn’t it getting cheaper? It doesn’t add up…… brought in over 3 trillion dollars last year…. where is it going and why isn’t cancer curable for everyone yet we can fly into interstellar space? I’m calling BS

    • Jennifer Bailey

      My great-grandparents ate healthy food, did physical work, and had healthy weights. They were not tested for pre-diabetes, triglycerides and cholesterol and did not take medicines for them, although their diets (described to me in detail by their eldest daughter who did a lot of the cooking and preserving) would lead to healthy numbers.

      My grandmother is alive at 98. She has survived a breast cancer which once would have meant we weren’t giving her medication, for dementia and low blood pressure. She never smoked and ate a pretty healthy diet.

      My mother lost a genetic lottery, but she has survived a major stroke caused by a preventative breast cancer medication, or more accurately by the bloodthinners she took when the first, which should not have been prescribed to someone in a wheelchair, caused a clot. She spent 3 days on ventilation and another on oxygen due to undetermined reasons. She has a pacemaker, probably due to brain damage. all of these were low-odds events, on top of a genetic disability. But at least the things that she’s being treated for are not linked to diet and exercise.

      My father is overweight and doesn’t eat his vegetables. That his numbers are healthy is an amazing testament to his family’s genes. His sister has survived breast cancer and is being treated for an autoimmune disease that she was initially told would have won a long time ago. She did what she was supposed to. She has gone through stronger and stronger interventions.

      We acknowledge pain as not being something to fight through when it isn’t needed. We also ask for prescription acid reflux drugs when diet and exercise might have worked. We ask Medicine for more and more help rather than doing the things the extensive research we also demand tell us would work without side effects (unless you count exercise causing us to lose weight and get us off the prediabetes treatment). We treat more and more things in the ranges it’s perfectly safe to watch them. And so our costs go up

      • Joseph Delmonte Hubbard

        Please don’t come at me with regurgitated information backed with no research. The medical field is greatly flawed and I’m appalled that you would actually use the medical system as a means to defend your case. Your statement on physics is way out of element especially with where quantum physics are going. Once the healthcare turned into a profitable business it doomed us. Place your faith in men will lead you to self destruction of not only ones self but an entire society. Wake up and be free

        • Chris

          “Once the healthcare turned into a profitable business it doomed us.”

          Well that would have been in the days when they still used blood letting. It is amazing how many people think they should be given services for free. Of course, Boiron does not give away its homeopathic sugar pills for free.

          “Place your faith in men will lead you to self destruction of not only ones self but an entire society.”

          Did some invisible sky fairy build and give you the electronic device you typed that comment in and posted on a server for all to see? How would a theocracy be better? Oh, wait let us see your first comment:

          “…why isn’t cancer curable for everyone yet we can fly into interstellar space.”

          Two freaking big errors in that snippet. First, cancer is not one disease, it is thousands. And second “interstellar” means “between the stars.” We have only sent humans as far as our own moon (and never went back), and just sent probes that have only just left our solar system. Perhaps you should read some actual science textbooks (and a dictionary), and get away from science fiction.

    • Jennifer Bailey

      We have not made interstellar space. Physics works via exploding things at the right time, place, and strength, as far as getting us into orbit or the probes still in our solar system. Each cancer affects the body differently, is made of cells with different initial programming. Every other part of medicine is saving cells, by contrast saving ones that are one gene away from one that is deadly and is being fed from the same blood supply is not easy. NASA can measure where the thing they shot up into space went because they can track it. They can send signals up to adjust the thrust if their aim was off. They have a lot of people in a room tracking the launch from dozens of angles. And Mars isn’t on a diet that changes it’s chemistry… well, it’s physics… between launching one Rover and the next, unlike the patient who might lose their appetite for something the doctor didn’t know affected the drug’s effectiveness.

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