Homeopath running out of excuses why remedies are not curing patient

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VANCOUVER, CANADA – Homeopath Bill Pillmin has been practicing homeopathy for over 15 years and never has he run into such a troublesome and persistent patient. Donald Grady has tried over 6 different remedies recommended and sold to him by Pillman, but returns every couple of weeks complaining that his symptoms haven’t resolved.

“It’s really annoying and really becoming a pain in the ass” said Pillman. “Most patients take my remedies along with something else, then over time they get cured. But this guy is apparently not using anything else besides my pills, and it’s getting harder and harder to come with reasons why it’s not working.”

Pillman is apparently considering telling his patient to go and try conventional medicine, something strictly against the woo code of ethics. He has also reached out to other homeopaths to get some advice on dealing with difficult patients.

“The key is to give him your homeopathic remedy along with a ridiculously hard to follow diet and exercise plan. That way, when he inevitably fails to follow everything to the letter, you can blame it on that” said super homeopathic salesman Dana Ullman.

At last report, Mr. Grady had an appointment at the clinic to get a personalized diet and exercise plan from Dr. Pillman.


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