Biden considering Hunger Games style tournament to see who gets to eat meat

Biden Hunger Games

With word that the Biden administration is set to limit Americans consumption of hamburgers to one a month, new details have been leaked to The Science Post.

Biden is reportedly considering a “Hunger Games” style tournament, with the victors gaining the right to eat more beef.

“Talks are only in the preliminary stage right now, but it is definitely something they are considering,” said the source. “Two people from each state would be chosen to fight in a giant arena and whoever wins, their state would be exempt from the hamburger-limit executive order.”

Some governors are reportedly already in talks with their teams to come up with a short list of who they think would give them the best chance.

“We have some great athletes and fighters here in Texas I can tell you that,” said Greg Abbot, governor of Texas. “We love our beef here and no socialist agenda is going to stop us from eating it. We will fight to the death if we have to.”

Stay tuned for more updates. Who would you want to represent your state?

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