Hypochondriac meeting cancelled due to illness

The Hypochondriac Association for a Healthy America (HAHA) had to cancel it’s third straight meeting.

Top 10 reasons you and your family should make the switch to gluten-free and organic

People are sicker today than they have ever been before, mostly due to things like.

Food Babe Airlines set to take flight in 2017

Vani Hari, aka The Food Babe, announced today that she will be founding her own.

Homeopaths being hit hard by California drought

Local homeopaths across the state of California are really feeling the effects of the current.

Chiropractor diagnosing vaccine injuries through selfies

MALIBU, CA – Superstar chiropractor Willy DeMoss is quickly emerging from the pseudoscience pack with.

Jenny McCarthy dyes hair pink, brain cancer imminent

Anti-vaccine queen Jenny McCarthy revealed to the world this week that she had dyed her.

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