Gluten deficiency linked to poor health

TACOMA, WA – According to Nutritionist Dexter McFadden, low levels of certain naturally-occurring proteins are responsible for a variety of health problems.

“I take detailed dietary surveys all my patients. These patients had a multitude of health problems including: GI distress, dizziness, headaches, insomnia, hay fever, rash, palpitations, and sunburn. A common feature was low intake of barley, rye, and wheat.”

McFadden believes these patients’ diets are contributing to their health problems, and has figured out why.

“Barley, wheat, and rye are all excellent sources of gluten. Gluten is an all-natural phyto-protein. These ancient grains were part of the diet of our ancestors for millennia. Our bodies need these all-natural plant-based proteins to keep our digestion and immune system in balance. In the past several years I have seen an alarming decrease in consumption of these super-grains”

McFadden has written a book “Gluten of the Gods” and produces his own line of “McFadden’s Gluten-Enhanced Dietary Supplements” which he sells on his webpage.