Report: 100% of homeopathic remedies have traces of feces

A new study from the Water and Sugar Regulation Board of America showed that 100% of all tested homeopathic remedies contained at least some form of feces residue.

“This is not overly surprising when you think about it” said lead scientist Dr. James Kot. “Since all homeopathic medicine is nothing more than water dripped on suger pills, it would serve to reason that at some point the water had contact with some kind of feces.”

The Homeopathic Society of America is rejecting the study on the grounds that the researchers have ties to Big Feces.

“This is a classic smear campaign” said Dan Ullman, homeopath. “They are trying to muddy the waters of homeopathy and discredit years of successful practice. The whole thing stinks.”

The scientists on the other hand are standing behind their results, saying they were very robust with their methodology and the results speak for themselves.

“This should bring the use of homeopathy to a skidding halt” said Kot.


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