Confused grandmother bragging chiropractor grandson is a doctor

Margaret Klompus, a resident at the Del Boca Vista Retirement Home in southern Florida, is the proud grandmother of John Klompus, chiropractor in New York City.  Mrs. Klompus can often be found playing bridge in the lounge and bragging to her fellow residents that her grandson is a big doctor up in New York City.

For his part, John has never told his grandmother exactly what type of “doctor” he is, (as is the case with many chiropractors) and rather simply refers to himself as a doctor.

“I know my grandma is really proud of me, and it makes me feel great” said John. “I know she brags about me a little bit; it’s a little embarrassing to be honest but I understand, her grandson made it all the way to New York City and has his own practice. She is just really proud of me.”

The staff at Del Boca Vista have also all been told the tales about the great “Dr. John in NYC” and one nurse decided to look him up.

“It turns out “Dr.” John is a chiropractor at a small wellness center, not a big wig doctor in the big city” said Kate Herman, RN. “But we let Mrs. Klumpus keep on believing what she does because it really is harmless, unlike the advice her grandson gives about vaccines.”


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