Breaking: Charlie Sheen's blood cures arthritis in goats

AUSTRALIA – A homeopath and internet MD from Sydney, Australia has blown the whole scientific community away today by releasing a breakthrough discovery: Charlie Sheen’s blood cures arthritis in goats.

“I took a vial of Mr. Sheen’s blood and injected it into a goat which I’m pretty sure had arthritis,” said Dr. Samir Choochoo. “Within seconds I could see the arthritis start to exit the goat.”

Dr. Choochoo (we use the term doctor loosely as no one has been able to ascertain where Choochoo received his medical training, if any) has also apparently cured entire continents of arthritic goats.

“Go look at Antarctica and try to find a goat with arthritis. You can’t because I have cured them all,” said Choochoo.

Choochoo is expected to be on both the Dr. Oz show and interview with Bill Maher this week. Rumors are also circulating that Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Joseph Mercola are trying to secure samples of Sheen’s blood to sell in their online stores.

*Update: The Spudd has learned that Brian Hooker has apparently gotten his hands on some goat data and will be doing a thorough re-analysis in hopes of correlating the goat arthritis with vaccines.


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