Area man can’t grasp science of GMOs, decides he is against them


FAIRHAVEN, ND – Area man Russ Hatcher, 31, was concerned about GMOs and decided to do some research. After spending the better part of a week and up to 12 hours reading both anti-GMO and pro-science websites, Russ was no closer to understanding all the science behind GMOs.

“I still don’t know what mutagenesis is, cross-breeding, whatever,” said Hatcher. “It’s all Greek to me. I think it’s just easier to be against them, so that’s the route I’m going to take.”

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that many anti-GMO activists actually have no clue about the science of GMOs and choose to hate them out of ignorance and fear.

“If you were to give a GMO science quiz to the average anti-GMOer, they would fail horribly,” said Kavin Foltta, Monsanto PR shill. “The key is to educate these people on the science and safety of genetically modified foods.”

As for Mr. Hatcher, he is convinced that if something seems “weird” and the science behind it confusing, it must be bad.

“It’s the same thing with vaccines. I can’t wrap my head around how injecting children with the virus, protects them from the virus; it makes no sense. That’s why I became anti-vaccine as well.”

Tough to argue with that logic.


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