Anti-vaccer worried he is not being taken seriously

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FRANKLIN, MO – Local anti-vaccer Mark Allman has been going back over his latest Facebook comments, tweets, and Disqus comments he leaves on various health related news stories. He came to the shocking discovery that he may not be being taken all that seriously by science literate pro-vaccine advocates.

“Usually I just drop in, lay down a TRUTH bomb about vaccines and how dangerous they are and then go on with my day; I imagine all the people who read my comments and their heads just exploding from what I’ve just exposed” laughed Allman.

However, upon closer inspection it appears as though Allman’s comments are not being taken all that seriously.

“I went back through my last few dozen comments and some of them had no replies at all,” he lamented. “And then some people even had the nerve to respond saying what I had written wasn’t true. Can you imagine that?”

The replies in question apparently were mostly asking for proof of Allman’s claims.

“I don’t know what I have to do to be taken seriously. Maybe I’ll get one of those online PhD’s or something.”

Look for an Allman TRUTH bomb in a comment section near you.


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