Alternative news sites completely reliable, according to study by alternative news sites

alt news

LOS ANGELES, CA – Alternative media and health/science websites are becoming more and more popular as more people become frustrated with the “mainstream” media rhetoric.

InfoWars, Natural News and Breitbart News teamed up for a study during the election and found that sites such as theirs were significantly more reliable than mainstream media outlets like CNN, WebMD and others.

“We found that articles and stories from sites like ours tended to be more truthful and had more impact than mainstream media news outlets,” said Mike Adams from Natural News. “We reported on more groundbreaking stories like turmeric curing all cancers, flu vaccines giving people the flu, and Hilary Clinton having ties to the KKK than conventional media sites did.”

The “study” looked at articles published over the past six months and the results were nothing less than astounding:

Not one of the mainstream sites in the study even mentioned turmeric or colloidal silver as a cure for all diseases and cancers, not one mention of the Clinton’s involvement in the NWO, not one story about the FEMA camps around the country were children will be brought to be given forced vaccinations and not a single story on the link between vaccines and autism.

“It truly is amazing the narrative being sold to America by these so called “news” agencies,” said Alex Jones of InfoWars. “Where are all the conspiracy and made up stories like we have? Nowhere.”

The “researchers” concluded that in order to be truly AWAKE and not be turned into a sheep, one must solely rely on the alternative media. The study also reported that it helps one to wake up if they click on links and buy things from the site’s online store.


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