SpaceX looking for anti-vaccine volunteers for one-way trip to Mercury

SpaceX looking for anti-vaccine volunteers for one-way trip to Mercury

SpaceX, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, is looking to fill its latest rocket with anti-vaccine zealots on a one-way mission to Mercury.

“We know how much anti-vaccers hate Mercury, and we know how much rational people dislike anti-vaccers, so this was a no-brainer” said SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. “The rocket will be filled with as many as 225 people and then flown straight into Mercury.”

So far, there have been over 100 people sign up.

“This is a huge opportunity” said anti-vaccer Nelson Freidman. “The chance to go into space and the opportunity to be a martyr for a great cause. This trip alone will prove that Mercury can kill.”

NASA is reportedly against the idea, as they fear for the life of Mercury.

“We don’t know what will happen to the planet” explained scientist Dr. Venkat Kapoor. “We don’t want it to be damaged or have a change in it’s orbit.”

The planned trip is set to launch in June 2017.


  • Melpomine

    Yes, it’s so very sciencey to make jokes about the death and injury of people you don’t agree with. I know I’m convinced that you’re science based!!

    • Corvus2

      Obviously this is SATIRE… and it does say they are volunteers.

    • Dean Anthony Anderson

      if people want to commit suicide in the name of their beliefs, its plenty fine to joke about it.

  • How about instead of Mercury make the trip to the geostationary orbit and bring along the flatearthers. Oh wait those flatearthers would still think everything they see outside the spacecraft is CG anyway…

    • Dean Anthony Anderson

      then we should allow them to exit the spacecraft.

  • emarugby79

    a symptom of the antivaxxer mental disorder is you loose your sense of humor

    • Dot Thompson

      and your cognitive skills