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Measles sends gift baskets to Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey and Mike Adams

RASH, WA – In an unprecedented move this week, Measles has reportedly sent delicious gluten-free.

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Measles really overwhelmed that so many people are giving it a second chance

Measles released a statement today praising the stupidity of humankind for giving them a second.

Anti-vaccers thrilled as measles epidemic continues to spread across Europe

EUROPE – A record number of measles cases have spr ad across Europe with more.

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Anti-vaccer mystified by lack of measles cases post-vaccination

AUSTIN, TX – Local anti-vaccer Katherine Vondee was recently extolling the virtues of sanitation and.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Measles and mumps cases rise as vaccination rates fall, anti-vaccers blame lack of colloidal silver

DENVER, CO – There has been a sharp rise in both measles and mumps cases.

Over 70% of children in local measles outbreak were fully vaccinated

OLYMPIA, WA – A recent outbreak at a elementary school in Olympia, Washington is making.