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Donald Trump wants to build huge wall of Measles along Mexican border

Donald Trump was at it again this past weekend vowing that if he is elected.

Bravo announces two new reality shows: 'Real Housewives of Anti-Vaccers' and 'America's Got Measles'

LOS ANGELES, CA – Bravo is pushing the boundaries of reality television once again by.

Measles pens an emotional heartfelt letter to Jim Carrey, anti-vaxxers

Measles has reached out to one of their biggest fans in a truly inspirational letter.

Anti-vaccer live tweets child's fight with measles

TORONTO, ON, CANADA – Maggie Crosby is a strong believer in homeopathic and naturopathic medicine.

This measles hysteria is our Selma moment

Op Ed by anti-vaccine advocate Jenny McMorbilli Fifty years ago, a persecuted minority marched against.

Warning: Measles may contain GMOs

In a shocking development today, the CDC announced that the measles virus may have mutated.

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