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If you survived measles, everyone else will as well

With the measles outbreak making headline news and the “vaccine debate” heating up, it is.

Boy dies of measles in California after 6 years of living autism-free

The first death in the measles outbreak occurred last night in Malibu, California when little.

2015 measles forecast based on viral attack rates, Jenny McCarthy’s SAT score

The US will see exactly 788 cases of measles this year, according to a public.

Disney debuts ‘Princess Jenny’ amid measles outbreak

In the midst of a measles outbreak in southern California which originated at Disneyland, the.

“I survived measles and chickenpox just fine,” says commentator on online discussion about vaccines

Kevin Brody, 53 of Atlanta, Georgia effectively ended a long online discussion about the risks.

"Don't freak out over Measles," says doctor who hasn’t been in hospital in 15 Years

Responding to parental concern over measles and pertussis outbreaks in the state of California, Santa.

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