Anti-vaccers confused by decline in measles cases after vaccination campaign in Samoa

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SAMOA – The measles outbreak in Samoa which has claimed at least 70 lives (mostly children under 5) is finally starting to get under control. Thanks to massive vaccination campaigns, the country is nearly at a high enough vaccination rate to allow herd immunity to stop the spread of the disease.

However, anti-vaccers seem very confused by the news and continue to blame vaccines for everything that went wrong because Big Pharma Illuminati something something.

“The outbreak didn’t even start until the WHO got involved and starting poisoning kids with toxic vaccines,” claims an anti-vaccer from CrazyMothers. “I don’t even think there were any deaths, it was all a false flag by Big Pharma to sell more vaccines.”

While it is well known fact that vaccines contain nothing but toxic chemicals, many “experts” claim that the increase in vaccination rates is actually to be given credit for the case numbers dropping.

“Once enough people are vaccinated, the disease has a very hard time spreading from person to person and continuing to infect society as a whole,” claims some science nerd. “I’m very thankful that it looks at though the outbreak will soon be contained.”

For more truth about vaccines and the Samoa measles outbreaks, try searching Google and social media for legitimate keywords like “woke”, “natural”, “sheep”, and “Big Pharma.”

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