Anti-vaccers thrilled as measles epidemic continues to spread across Europe

EUROPE – A record number of measles cases have spr ad across Europe with more than 41,000 children and adults contracting measles in the European region from January to June – almost double the number of people infected with measles for all of 2017 according to CNN.

So what exactly does this mean? It means that more and more people are opting out of the measles vaccine and therefor avoiding autism.

“We are so happy to see this many people getting measles,” said actor Jim Carrey. “It means that many, many people are skipping the measles vaccine and choosing to get measles instead of autism and I just think that’s great.”

So far 37 people have died during the outbreak, which is obviously either a lie by Big Pharma because measles is harmless, or they possibly ate GMOs. The good people at Info Wars are reportedly looking into it.

“Yes, 37 people died and that is terrible,” said anti-vaccine advocate Paul Joseph Watson. “But look at it this way: that’s 37 people who avoided autism which we know is a fate worse than death.”

Many anti-vaccers share this sentiment- that autism is somehow worse than vaccine-preventable diseases or even death- which has left both scientists and people with hearts and brains mystified.

“This is inexcusable in this day and age. We have a perfectly safe and effective vaccine that can prevent this disease,” said pharma shill David Orac. “Now where are my shill bucks?”

At press time it is estimated that approximately 8% of Europeans have opted to avoid the MMR vaccine for their children and eagerly await them getting measles, mumps and (if they’re lucky enough) rubella.


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