Zodiac signs changing, millions forced to convince themselves their new sign describes them perfectly

SPACE – Millions of pseudoscience enthusiasts were shocked to learn that NASA has changed the.

SpaceX looking for anti-vaccine volunteers for one-way trip to Mercury

SpaceX, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, is looking to fill its latest rocket with anti-vaccine zealots.

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Black hole collision warps time, deletes February 29 from calendar

“I’m not an astro physicist, so I won’t comment on the existence of so-called gravity,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Possible ninth planet, Planet X, really rubbing it in Pluto’s face

CAL TECH – Astronomers and physicists at Cal Tech University have theorized the existence of.

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Report: Pluto getting relentlessly mocked by other planets

NASA has revealed the latest news from the Pluto flyby and the reports are not.

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Is Neil deGrasse Tyson really just a robot?

Fran Drescher, former actress and current anti-GMO Twitter activist, claims her husband not only invented.