Possible ninth planet, Planet X, really rubbing it in Pluto’s face

CAL TECH – Astronomers and physicists at Cal Tech University have theorized the existence of a giant ninth planet, somewhere in the distant recesses of our solar system. The planet, dubbed Planet X, is estimated to be the size of Neptune and is reportedly being a bit of a dick.

“We witnessed Planet X orbiting well beyond Pluto and showing it’s moons,” said Neil DeGrasse Pacquiao of Cal Tech. “This is the equivalent of a human “mooning” someone on Earth.”

Pluto has been a bit down in the dumps after being declassified as a planet and the discovery of Planet X is not helping matters at all.

“This is bullshit,” said Pluto. “This big thing way out there is all of a sudden considered a planet and I’m not? Sometimes I hate this solar system.”

Other planets have reportedly reached out to Planet X but so far have not received a response.

“I reached to X to see if they wanted to join us for a solar party and I never heard back,” said Mercury. “Maybe they are just a bit shy.”

“Or maybe they’re just a dick” added Pluto.

Mercury sympathizes with Pluto having been the target of criticism itself not too long ago.

As of press time, Planet X had not responded to requests for an interview.


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