Is Neil deGrasse Tyson really just a robot?

degrasse tyson

Fran Drescher, former actress and current anti-GMO Twitter activist, claims her husband not only invented email, but that he also created Neil deGrasse Tyson in a secret underground lab.

“My husband holds 4 degrees from MIT, 4! There is nothing you can say to refute him. Anything he says must be the truth,” asserts Drescher. Whether or not V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai actually invented email is still up for debate, especially since the first electronic message was sent 10 years earlier, when Ayyadurai was still in kindergarten.

Artificial intelligence and robotics are both fascinating fields and are growing all the time, but to believe Neil deGrasse Tyson is some kind of cyborg is a little tough to imagine.

“I don’t know why no one believes me” said Ayyadurai. “I made a website about it and everything. Did I mention I have 4 degrees from MIT?”

Drescher took to Twitter again yesterday to yell and tweet at anyone who would listen.

deGrasse Tyson responded to an email inquiry from The Spudd regarding Drescher’s claim:


Dear The Science Post,

I have never heard of Ayyadurai, and am certainly not a cyborg or robot. I assure you I am made of star stuff.

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