Guinea pigs to begin testing on humans, FDA confirms

NEW YORK, NY – In a bizarre reversal of roles, guinea pigs have been granted.

Least understood science of 2015: Gluten, Vaccines and GMOs

  Gluten An estimated 94% of people who are gluten-free, have no allergy to gluten..

Neil Young hired as new spokesman for Sanofi Pasteur GMO-insulin

ONTARIO, CANADA – Musician and rock legend Neil Young has signed on with Sanofi PAsteur Canada, the makers of the insulin he uses to control his diabetes. The insulin is technically genetically modified, something Mr. Young is very much against.

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New Pharma Shill app "Shillify" notifies shills when anti-vaccer posts comment

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – A new app just released at the end of 2015 is.

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Anti-science, pro-disease parents release new imaginary disease: "GMO-injured"

PORTLAND, ME – No more will science illiterate parents have to solely rely on blaming.