New Pharma Shill app "Shillify" notifies shills when anti-vaccer posts comment

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – A new app just released at the end of 2015 is already one of the most talked about of the year. The app, Shillify, is used by Big Pharma Shills to keep up to date with alerts on vaccine related stories.

The app sends a push notification to the user every time an anti-vaccine comment is posted online. The user can then click the link provided and be taken directly to the story.

“We are already working on improvements to the app,” said lead developer Paul Orac. “We are going to be adding the functionality of pre-written comments. The shill can then simply choose which stock response they want to use for their comment.”

The Spudd Times was able to get an advanced copy of the new version and explore some of the stock responses. There are currently only a few options and they are pretty standard. The first few examples being links to Big Pharma research on vaccine safety, and asking the anti-vaccer for proof of their claim from a reputable source.

“So they have pretty much invented and app that allows them to more easily harass and bully us,” said anti-vaccine advocate and formerly somewhat respected journalist Sharyl Attkisson. “We should be allowed to post anti-vaccine comments on stories and not have to answer to people asking for “evidence” of our claims. That is harassment and astro-turfing, plain and simple.”

The app is currently only available by using a special redemption code given out to pharma shills. Attempting to download the app without the code will result in the user getting autism.


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