Least understood science of 2015: Gluten, Vaccines and GMOs



An estimated 94% of people who are gluten-free, have no allergy to gluten. The other 6% make up patients with celiac disease, and those who choose not to eat gluten because they simply don’t want to, not because they think it is “icky”.

Over 60% of people who claim to be gluten-free, consumed gluten at least 10 times last year.

Over 90% of non-celiac gluten-free people mentioned they were gluten-free at least 20 times on social media in 2015.

40% of people who are gluten-free cannot explain what gluten actually is.


Over 58% of anti-vaccine advocates still believe mercury is in childhood vaccines.

Over 70% believe that the MMR vaccine contains, or did contain, Mercury.

86% of anti-vaccers believe vaccines cause autism.

Over 66% of anti-vaccers believe that anyone who is pro-vaccine must be paid to do so.



Just over 85% of anti-GMO advocates could not accurately define what a GMO is.

78% of anti-GMO advocates believe all GMO crops have RoundUp residue on them when you eat them.

72% of anti-GMO advocates believe that there has been no safety testing of GMO products for human consumption.

Just under 90% of all anti-GMO activists believe they are smarter than people who eat GMOs.


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