Local mom still weighing her options on which celebrity to get medical advice from

Kat Von D Anti-Vaccine

INDIANAPOLIS, IN –  Mom of two Becky Slater is currently doing exhaustive research on various celebrities and their opinions on health and medicine in order to decide which one(s) advice she should take as gospel.

She has narrowed the field down to a select few, and they all have strikingly different opinions from what standard medical advice says.

“I really like what Gwyneth Paltrow and RFK Jr. are saying right now,” explained Slater. “But I wouldn’t count out Kat Von D just yet. She has some interesting ideas about vaccines and healthcare that I think I could really get behind.”

Neither of Slater’s children are vaccinated nor healthy, and she is looking for confirmation from a celebrity that she has done nothing wrong.

“I’m also looking for a more celebrity type doctor to get some medical advice from as well. I’ll probably end up listening mostly to Dr. Oz or Dr. Bob Sears. It has to be someone who sells dvds, books and supplements so I know they are legit,” said Slater.

Family and friends of the mother of two have urged her to get proper medical advice from a pediatrician, but Slater refuses.

“She flat out told me that she trusts celebrity opinions on health more than the pediatrician my family and I see,” said neighbor Gwendolyn Cooper. “She claims celebrities and celebrity doctors tell the real truth, because they have not been bought by Big Pharma.”

At press time, Slater had still not made a final decision and both of her children had contracted measles.

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