Doctor goes 5 years before realizing female surgeon colleague is not a nurse

NEW YORK, NY – Columbia Medical Center’s head of general surgery, Dr. Mark Jessom, is considered by many to be one of the top surgeons in the entire country. He has worked closely with several other gifted surgeons and recently found out he has been working with one he never knew about.

Dr. Janet Tobin is also as extremely gifted general surgeon and has worked beside Dr. Jessom for over 5 years. However, it was not until recently that she discovered Dr. Jessom had apparently assumed she was a surgical nurse the entire time.

“I mean I have done surgeries with him and covered off some of his surgeries, so I’m a little flabbergasted that he would not realize I am a doctor” said Tobin. “There is still an element of sexism in medicine I suppose.”

In his defense, Dr. Jessom is quite old and considers himself to be “old school” and believes this is the reason for his blunder.

“When I started in medicine there weren’t very many female doctors, let alone surgeons,” explained Jessom. “So it’s not really my fault that I assumed…what is her name? Tobin, Dr. Tobin was a nurse.”

Columbia Medical Center CEO, Dr. Nancy Dillon, is planning to speak to the press later this week about the incident. It was reported that Dr. Jessom also assumed the CEO was male.

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