Recent med school graduates spill the beans about their favorite courses

A group of nearly 75 recent med school graduates sat down with The Science Post to tell us all about their experience and reveal their favorite courses during their education:

“I loved the course on vaccines and immunology. It was so short! Only a few hours total throughout my entire degree.” – Mary Schneider, MD.

“For me, it was when then taught us all about the stuff that we can’t tell anyone. All of the tips, tricks and cures that we don’t want you to know about.” – Daniel Sprigg, MD.

“I really learned a lot from the courses taught by the Big Pharma executives: how to get the best kick backs, how to convince patients to get pointless medicines, all that stuff.” – Jennifer Smith, MD.

“We spent a lot of time learning how to debunk alternative medicine – the stuff that is the real cure for diseases. That was a lot of fun for me.” – Terry Vinnice, MD.

“My favorite course/subject was all about cancer. The best part? They told us what the cure for cancer is, but of course we can’t say anything. But it’s so cool!” – Natalie Deller, MD.

“I loved, loved, loved, all the information about vaccines and autism. How to cover up the link, how to bully anti-vaxxers on social media, and really just how many people are involved in the vaccine-autism cover-up. It’s really fascinating.” – Dr. Dave Orac, MD.

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