Anti-vaccine parents tear up with sadness when talking about son who got into medical school

Bruce and Jenny Turnbull are devastated after hearing the news that their son, Matthew, secretly applied and was accepted to Harvard Medical School. Matthew last had a major fight with his anti-vaccine parents when he went behind their back and got all his recommended vaccinations when he was 18.

“This is just so sad and so disappointing” said Jenny Turnbull. “You try to do everything right as a mother: no vaccines, no doctor visits, only raw milk and food, home school, everything. When your son goes behind your back and does something this terrible, it really hurts.”

Matthew managed to get accepted to university for his undergraduate degree in neuroscience. He told his parents he was taking a double major in religious studies and alternative medicine.

“I’m surprised they believed me to be honest, but I got away with it for 4 years” explained Matthew. “I also managed to save up a lot of money throughout my undergrad degree and I got a scholarship for medical school, so I am paying my own way.”

With the news that Matthew no longer needs them for pretty much anything, the Turnbull’s are obviously very distraught.

“It’s going to be really hard to be proud of a son who sold out and will be using modern medicine to save people’s lives instead of selling miracle cures online like a true maverick.”


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