Man declared cancer free after switching to GMO diet, doctors amazed

LOS ANGELES, CA – Frank Garber, 45, was recently declared cancer free after his latest.

whole foods
Jury awards $289 million to man who blames Whole Foods for his cancer

CALIFORNIA – A jury has just awarded Jeff Blais, 55, $289 million US after they.

gmo apple
New study: A GMO apple a day will help keep the doctor away, but will also give you cancer

A new study issued by the consumer advocacy group Natural is Always Better Inc. (NIABI).

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Cancer patient dies after using both colloidal silver and Reiki, naturopaths stumped

Local man Frank Shattenkirk passed away this morning from a malignant brain tumor at the.

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Oncologist looking forward to getting no credit for patient who leaves chemo 1 session early to "go natural"

PORTLAND, OR – Dr. James Pardy is reportedly looking forward to getting no credit from.

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Area man dies of cancer despite smoking marijuana, naturopaths baffled

VANCOUVER, BC – Area man Ron Hill, 61, died this week from a brain tumor,.

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